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Cinco de Mayo, Hold the Sour Cream

If it isn’t obvious already, it will become so pretty soon: we are OBSESSED with Mexican food.  We use Mexican food as an excuse to go out, to stay in, to celebrate, to pity ourselves and just about everything in between.  Sushi is a close second.

With Cinco de Mayo on the horizon, we were talking about finding the perfect nachos to celebrate the date for days.  While our understanding of what, exactly we were celebrating (Battle of Puebla – Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French on May 5, 1862) was hazy, we knew that Mexican food was on the bill.

Searches of the perfect nachos led us to Burrito Bar, despite mixed reviews.  But we figured – how could the promise of fresh made-to-order guacamole, “8 Miles High Nachos” and jalapenos stuffed w/shrimp and cheese, then WRAPPED IN BACON fail us?!  So alas, we went, we sat (outside cause the wait was at least an hour inside), we got coerced into ordering margaritas (it wasn’t too hard), we ordered the above… and…

We were disappointed. 


First the nachos… We ordered them with beans.  They came and were barely 2 layers on the plate.  The cheese was too sparse for Nee’s liking and worst of all – the black beans weren’t drained.  Oh it was so nasty and left us with a black drippy mess at the end.






IMG_2411Second the guac…  We ordered the regular guacamole – promised made fresh that day, just not at our table.  For a $5 savings over the Fresco, we said why not – plus the lure of the accompanying plantain chips was no joke.  Alas, this was also a disappointment.  While the guac tasted good, Burrito Bar skimped on the quantity – tossing a fist-sized lump on a green lettuce leaf, ironically the same color.  Needless to say, we both were scraping the lettuce thinking it was guacamole.  The most upsetting, however, was the plantain chips.  There were 4.  Albeit, each was the length of the plantain, but it surely wasn’t enough to scoop up all our guacamole and we were forced to use the complementary corn chips. 



IMG_2412However, the jalapenos stuffed with shrimp and cheese, wrapped in bacon (aka Fire on the menu) slightly made up for the lackluster nachos/guac.  They were oh so tasty, with the perfect amount of fire, quenched with perfectly cooked bacon.  We couldn’t really taste the shrimp, but we felt the crunch, so we knew it was there.  Only complaints on this -too small.  For $8.75, we got 5 little jalapenos, not the bigger ones you typically associate with the “popper” variety.

So alas, we paid our $40-ish bill and left w/o much Cinco de Mayo spirit.  Walking away, we immediatly made plans for a Mexican redo on the 8th.  Pretty sad when you’re full of Mexican and already want more from somewhere else.   We then made our way to some friends’ BBQ and were easily convinced to have some fajitas, which – along with the company – made up for the earlier parts of the evening.

That being said, we discussed giving the place another change to rectify – maybe it was an off night (???), and finally decided that yeah – maybe one sunny summer day we’d come back and check it out from the inside.  Check out what a Friday or Saturday night entails, as previous reviews always gave props to the bar scene.  However, failing to impress on the most Mexican fiesta night of the year is a HUGE HUGE party fowl.

Burrito Bar… We might be back… But we’re not impressed…


Burrito Bar
307 Flatbush Ave (@ Prospect Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11217