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Thai food in Brooklyn

So, this will come as a surprise to everyone who knows me, but I haven’t had Thai food since I moved to New York.  I know, I know, but it was so good back in Seattle and I was worried that I’d be disappointed.

Guess it’s a good thing I waited until I had the chance to go to Long Tan, on 5th Ave and Union St.  

Two very good friends of mine were visiting from home, and the first thing we could agree to eat was Thai.  After a brief moment or two of self-doubt (I couldn’t remember the cross streets, so I kept saying, “Oh, it’s just one more block.  Err, maybe one more.”), we made it.  

Seated quickly (it was a bit early for dinner), the waitress came right over with menus for food and drinks and had water sent over right away.  After studying it for a few minutes, I picked out a few entrees and waited for the waitress to come back over.  I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it here before, but I have a food allergy (gluten intolerant), so I’m extremely fun to go out to eat with.  

Our waitress was great though; as soon as I explained what I couldn’t have, she went over and spoke to the chefs to make sure that my first choice for dinner (Red Curry Lime Leaf Chicken)IMG_2419 was fine for me.  Rest assured, it was.  







Aerin got ordered the Fried Rice with Shrimp for her entree, IMG_2420








while Jes got the Wok Fired Glass Noodles.  IMG_2421








Delicious, all around.  Granted, I can’t speak for how their dishes tasted, but mine was great.  Not quite Panang Curry (my all-time favorite curry dish), but still very tasty, full of chicken and carrots with a great sauce.  Both Aerin and Jes agreed that their dishes were fantastic as well.

After the meal, I decided to pass on desert, but both Aerin and Jes ordered.  Aerin ordered the Chocolate Pot de Creme, while Jes got the Panna Cotta with Blood Oranges.  Our waitress brought them over, with three forks.  She had asked the chefs about the deserts and when they told her that both were gluten-free, she decided that I should have the opportunity to try them too.

I’m so glad she did because they were both very tasty.  The Chocolate Pot de Creme wasn’t sweet at all, but had a great, heavy chocolate taste, like a very rich chocolate mousse.  The Panna Cotta was great, very light, with the blood oranges giving it a great, fruity taste.  (No photos, it was too dark inside at that point.)

I’m so going back.










Long Tan

196 5th Ave (between Union & Berkley)

Open Sun-Thurs 5:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Open Fri & Sat 5:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.