About Around the Hood

Oh, well hello there and welcome to “Around the Hood in 50 Weeks”

The creation of this wonderful blog was three-fold:

1. It gives us an excuse to eat at all the kickass restaurants in our ‘hood.
2. Who isn’t blogging these days?!  (and Twittering and Facebooking, etc.)
3. Maybe, just maybe, we can create a superbly wonderful, informative, aestically pleasing, and humorous page that will draw the masses, impress everyone from young tikes to dreamy guys to senior citizens, get millions of hits a day, and become THE restaurant blog resource for our area, enabling us to get lots and lots of sponsors and ads so that we can make a living off something so enjoyable as stuffing our faces.

We’re nothing if not dreamers…   And gluttons.  Gluttonous dreamers. 

But really, who are we?  Chappy and Nee – roommates who were introduced in a sophomore year accounting class, based on a fluke group assignment by birthdays (we’re 4 days apart).  Many of the past eleven years were spent living on different coasts or in different countries, but as of last summer, we were reunited under one roof and are now off to complete a cullinary quest.  Oh, yes, we also have day jobs  (publishing and financial project management), but is that really important?

One of us is an avid rugby enthusiast, having played for over a decade and now coaching, while the other is an avid reader who could recommend the perfect book for anyone.  Both of us have a sick obsession for raw fish and nachos (although not at the same time) and three times a week can be found jogging the streets of the ‘hood at 630am whining about how running that early sucks, but meanwhile sticking to the task at hand – noting restaurants on our hit list.

And so, back to the blog…  Some basic rules and guidelines will be employed:

1. We’ll be aiming for 2 new restaurants per week and will have 2 weeks off per year in this quest.  Namely, this gives the blog a much cooler name, but really – we’re accounting for vacation weeks.
2. The 50 weeks officially starts in June, though May will be a “test” period to get our stomaches revved up, test trial our official blog format, and get some early content up.
3. Restaurants must be NEW to us, i.e., going to the timed and true joints will be considered biased and thus, not count toward our 50 weeks.  That being said, we’ll only go to places we’ve been to before in May, as to not hinder what we can accomplish in 50 weeks.
4. Dining establishments will be only within walking distance of our apartment.  We still have yet to decide these boundaries, but when we do, a map will detail our bounds.
5. Bars counts, but only if we eat there too.  Otherwise, they are known as “think tanks.”

So, let the challenge begin!  We’d love your input, feedback, comments and suggestions.  We also love good looking men who appreciate a sarcastic streak and girls who like to eat and will take out our trash.  Hey, just sayin’… this blog doesn’t *just* have to be about food!

We look forward to having you along for the feasts!
Chappy and Nee


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