More Mexicana – Blogging is Better w/Pics…

… Unfortunately this post does not contain those said pics.  Why?  You ask?  Cause I’m an idiot and was SO OVERWHELMED with hunger that I dug into my meal before even spotting to whip out my camera (phone) and snap a couple for pictorial evidence of a good meal.  Your other senses will have to suffice here…


Some Mexican deliciousness was suggested for a meal out w/my old friend Katie Batie.  I never pass up that cuisine, so quite pleased it wasn’t me, this time, that made the suggestion.  After meeting up, we decided that since Los Politos II was closer than Mezcal (and any other Mexican place in the ‘hood) we’d go there.  Not necessarily the most scientific way to choose a spot, but it was very rational.


After begging for a spot not by the open windows (was a chilly night and we were cold!) we were seated at a cozy table in the back – and directly within eye-shot of the ‘guacamole bar.’  Glancing at this once, both Katie Batie and I decided that some homemade guac (spicy!) was in order.  And just then, our waiter appeared, asking “would you like a pitcher of margaritas or a pitcher of sangrias?”  Um… none, but thanks!  (Both of us had been out, separately, Monday night and weren’t really feelin’ the booze, plus it was cold!)


Our guac came quickly, along with a big basket of corn chips and some salsa.  The chips weren’t the best – a little oily and not warm, but they sufficed.  And we dug in!  The guac was nice and chunky, flavored with onions, cilantro and tomatos and the avacados were fresh and the perfect ripeness.  I have to say that the guac wasn’t spicy, but it was still tasty.  And the accompanying salsa was also fresh and tasty and paired nicely on top of the guac. 

Katie Batie ordered a killer burrito, while I opted for the mixed seafood fajita.  Both meals arrived piping hot and looking gooooooooood (here’s where a picture would be great).  The burrito was definitely the ‘eat with fork and knife’ kind and my fajita was accompanied by yellow rice, beans and another dollop of the guacamole.  And so we dug in. 


By Katie Batie’s “this burrito is soooooooooo good” comments, I can only imagine it was sooooooooo good (maybe she will comment w/more?! hint hint).  That being said, she then offered the caveat “but I was so hungry, I would have been just as happy with dog crap in a burrito… though I’m glad it’s not.” 


Meanwhile, my fajitas were served in a really tasty red sauce – it had a little kick, which added a lot to the overall flavor (and made me reach for a spoon to ensure I got every last drip).  The seafood (calamari, shrimp, salmon mix) was served with green and red peppers and onions.  In my opinion, a bit too heavy on the veggies and a bit too light on the seafood.  Afterall, I was paying for an ‘under the sea’ feast and dammit – I WANTED MORE SHRIMP!!!  Unfortunately, the two flour tortillas weren’t enough to wrap up all the tasty goodness into proper fajitas, but instead of asking for more, I just dug in with fork and knife! 


We finished our meals and sat moaning about our full stomachs.  But agreed it was REALLY GOOD and definitely worth it.  (Katie Batie followed up with an -e- the next morning reiterating how enjoyable it was, ESPECIALLY THE COMANY – how could you refute that?! Ha! and said that she was still full!  So was I!)  As we sat chatting, the waitstaff cleared our table, but never once tried to push us out for staying longer and not ordering dessert.  They cheerfully refilled our water glasses and when we were finally ready to pay, it was quick and painless.  I think the meal cost us about $40 in total.  Not bad!

So thumb’s up all around for Los Politos II.  I’d been there YEARS ago for breakfast and can attest to the fact that their huevos rancheros are great too.  So score one for another great Mexican spot!  Woohoo!!!  Oh and next time – hopefully I’ll remember the pics!


Los Politos II
148 5th Ave. (@ Douglass)
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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