Happiness is a Hangover Remedy

Eggs and Cheese and Homefries - oh my!

Eggs and Cheese and Homefries – oh my!

OK, I admit it – I partied a litte too hard last Saturday night.  But it was a lot of fun.  So there.

That being said, Sunday morning wasn’t fun.  Neither was knowing I had to step on a rugby pitch in mere hours and compete in the alumni game.  Desperate times called for desperate measures and I reached into the dregs of my memory to pull out the fact that:

1. Calexico ROCKS for breakfast (or any meal, actually)

2. They deliver quickly

3. It’s freakin’ cheap and fast.
Admittedly, I use Calexico to entertain visitors.  Most are amazed by the cheap prices and fast service, but then when they taste the food – even more amazed that it’s REALLY GOOD!  Plus the menu is extensive.  You can get everything from nachos to a burger to pancakes and leave happy.  Albeit, the dine-in option is a little less than par (think older sit-down restaurant with lots of vinyl and 80s decor), the service is friendly and the experience is not one to shy away from.

Convincing Chappy to partake in some Mexican happiness for breakfast was quite easy – she’s a sucker for their $2 tacos and quickly decided that 2 carne asada tacos would be ideal.  I, on the other hand, had a need for something a bit more cheesier to satiate the demons brewing from within my stomach’s depths.  Alas, bring on the ham and cheese omelet – simple, yet filling.  This thing is easily three-egg and stuffed to the extreme with cheesy-ham goodness.  Bonus points that it comes with home or french fries (home all the way – and these things are amazing) and some toast.  At one point, I think it also came with coffee…  That might be dine-in only.

Twenty minutes later, after brewing some Mexican coffee to pair with our meal, Calexico buzzed the apt.  There is nothing worse than cold delivery, but everything was delivered piping hot.  The eggs were filled with the perfect amount of ham and cheese, which was gooey throughout – none of this cheese-in-a-can stuff.  The home fries had just enough spice and were my fav – huge chunks of potato that were soft, but didn’t fall apart when you stabbed em.  Poured some ketchup on my breakfast and began Operation Rid Hangover.  Even though I didn’t come close to finishing the meal, I felt better. 

And to top it all of – Calexico is CHEAP!!!  $12 for my omlet, home fries, toast AND Chappy’s 2 tacos.

88 5th Ave. (@ Prospect St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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